Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is it for today. Another older picture also done while is was in paris.
I really need to get to work scanning in all of my new stuff, this isn't even a dent on what i have to show!

Two slightly sadder drawings

These aren't really for anything, just me practicing and developing my style. These were done a few months ago but i think i want to turn them into paintings. Watercolor or oil? That's the dilemma

An older picture the i did during my trip to paris but i love it. And it will soon be used as a band poster for a local up and coming LA band, MariaSweet. Be on the look out for that!

This was one of my final iterations for a poster design assignment at school, it wasn't the one i ended up choosing to print but i liked it a lot.

This is how it looked initially.

Profile study of Lacey

Two more pages from my illustrated book, 'Chubz and Chibz'. I've completed all of the drawings for the book and they are all scanned and sized ready for me to paint i've just be lacking the darn motivation! But i will finish this, i promised myself that i would finish one big project for myself this year and i'm gonna stick to it. Keep an eye out for more, and when it's complete i'll figure out a way to get the whole book posted up here.


Character design for an upcoming collaboration project I'm working on with friends. A six chapter mini comic titled "The Kissing Club".

Character: Robin

Hello again dear blogspot! I really need to start getting into a regular upload rhythm, i just have so much stuff to scan and so little time to do it! No excuse thought, i will try and pay more attention to this particular blog.

So this is a new thing i'm trying out, i call them One Pagers. They're almost like an alterna-zine where there are images sort of floating and all of the text for the images is placed around them filling up all of the white space and adding texture. I have a few of these and i really like them and like doing them so there are definitely going to be more. And for distributing when i print them they are printed on highlighter colored paper. But for now i just have the white version scanned.

One Pager: The Ugliness of Youth